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Finally, an easy way to read, and write, tap steps!

With FootNotes™ Music Notation For Tap Dance, learning tap steps has never been easier. FootNotes™ was created and written by Greg Varlotta, a jazz musician who performed at Disneyland for over 20 years. Greg began tapping in 1998, when he befriended a tap dancer at Disneyland. Because of his formal education in music, Greg was able to learn tap steps faster by writing them down as rhythms on traditional music paper. He took that idea and developed an entire system to express tap dance steps on a musical staff. He named his system FootNotes™, and decided it was something that other tap students might benefit from.

Part of the FootNotes™ Tap Legend, from FootNotes™ Music Notation For Tap Dance, this is the "fingering chart" for tap dancers.


It's so easy, once you learn the basics, you'll be able to sight read complete tap routines!

If you've taken a tap class, you know how long it can take to learn one simple 8 count routine. Imagine being able to look at a piece of music, then dancing through it in one try! With FootNotes™ Music Notation For Tap Dance, you can learn the skill of "sight tapping".

Excerpt of a transcription of tap choruses by Eddie Brown, as taught and performed by Sam Weber on his DVD, " Eddie Brown's "E.B. Choruses". Transcription by Greg Varlotta.


Now you can communicate with the musicians in the band!

Since FootNotes™ Music Notation For Tap Dance is music notation, you'll always be on the same page as the band. This makes it easy to rehearse sections of music. As a matter of fact, tap parts can be written right into the score, as shown below. "Let's take it from the Bridge"!

Taken from "Granada" big band chart. Arrangement Copyright © 2007 Greg Varlotta.To hear Greg's arrangement of "Granada", click here.


Got a step you'd like to share? Just jot it down in FootNotes™!

This is where FootNotes™ Music Notation For Tap Dance really comes in handy. No more trying to commit steps you've created to memory. Now you can just write them down on a piece of music paper, and save them for another time. Create your own library of steps. Soon, you'll have your own book's worth of material!

The tapper's music staff. The letters to the left represent the names of each of the steps and make up the tap "clef". You can use traditional 5 line staff paper.


Easy to follow diagrams, photos, and lessons.

All the steps (and how to perform them) and their notes on the staff are shown in the book.


Taken from FootNotes™ Music Notation for Tap Dance.

Lesson 1

A bit of Lesson 1, taken from FootNotes™ Music Notation for Tap Dance.


3 books: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.

FootNotes™ Music Notation For Tap Dance is a method book that's actually based on traditional music method books. Tappers can now learn and benefit from the same techniques music students have been using for decades.

Coming Soon: Video Podcasts with info on lessons, steps, music and ideas about writing your own routines.

While there is no substitute for a real teacher, video podcasts can help you get started and keep you going through harder lessons.

Book 1 available 04/24/09.

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BookCoverBook 1: Beginning

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