TapDanceNow Video #5: Controlled Thirds, Subdivision

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6/24/12- New video added! Controlled Third, Subdivision. Includes FootNotes Tap Notation.

6/16/12- New Video added! RhythMantra: Shuffle Step.

6/9/12- New Video added! RhythMantra: Feel: "Rosanna" Shuffle with FootNotes Tap Notation.

"Rosanna" Shuffle transcription in FootNotes Tap Notation on the Extras page available for free download!

6/2/12- New Video added! RhythMantra Explained. Paddle & Roll.

Check out th new links added on the Links page.

FootNotes classes added in June at the Paiute Center in Scottsdale, AZ!

05/25/12- National Tap Dance Day in the United States! Happy birthday Bill Robinson!

Check out the first tap video on the website. Also check out the video on the "Extras" page for more info on Greg Varlotta.


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